About Us

CTenergysavings.com is Connecticut’s #1 resource for electric customers to:

  • Compare Connecticut electric suppliers and the low rate plans they offer
  • Switch to a new electric supplier using our easy online sign up form
  • Start saving money on your electric bill every month 

CTenergysavings.com provides Connecticut electricity customers with helpful information on electric deregulation as well as a detailed comparison of electric rate plans, the ability to switch suppliers and lower your bill. 

Our goal is to offer one comprehensive resource that allows you to save time in identifying suppliers, comparing the low rate plans they offer and switching to a new supplier.  We provide detailed information on each of the suppliers' plans and their electric rates allowing you to make an educated decision on what option works best for you.  Once you have selected a supplier, our easy enrollment process will help you "make the switch" to a new supplier.  Also, since we work directly with the supplier’s, they will automatically receive your enrollment for processing once you have submitted it to us.

At CTenergysavings.com, we strive to increase awareness among Connecticut residents and businesses that you can now choose an electric supplier and that lowering electric costs benefits everyone in Connecticut. 


Electric Deregulation in Connecticut

Connecticut has had a deregulated electric industry for over 10 years. However, only in the last few years has switching to an alternative electric supplier really gained momentum. Connecticut electric customers are continuously learning that they have the power to choose a new electric supplier and potentially save significantly on their electric bill. No fees to switch, no interruption in service - just lower rates.

Currently, over 600,000 electric customers in Connecticut have switched to a new electric supplier. This means that these customers now get their electricity generated by a company other than CL&P or UI and are taking advantage of lower electric bills!